As accountants, we are used to the perception that we are strictly logical and left-brained, wired to solely crunch numbers behind a desk. In the imagination of most, the typical accountant is disconnected and unemotional. They have clients, but don’t build relationships.

Those who have worked with us know we are not the stereotypical introverted Bean Counter!

Under the leadership of Carrie D. Bradshaw, our firm came together to offer Texas a new approach to accounting and consulting. Directly confronting—and challenging—the idea that accounting is a passive process, we see ourselves as educators and advisors invested in empowering every one of our clients toward mindful, confident financial decisions. With the industry’s best talent on our team—who also happen to be the most caring people, CD Bradshaw stands out from the rest. The fact that we are committed to ongoing professional development, maintaining (and celebrating) work-life balance for ourselves and our clients, and identifying new ways of working smarter doesn’t hurt either.

Combined, we have over 175 years of experience in public accounting and financial management. We are athletes, hikers, fishermen, parents, spouses, musicians and passionate community advocates. At the core, we are people who want to help.

At CD Bradshaw, we seek to work with organizations and individuals eager for an authentic, agile approach to accounting and an appetite for tangible results.