We provide the following employee benefit plan services:

  • Limited-scope audits of qualified plans
  • Full-scope audits of qualified plans
  • Preparation and filing of 5500’s
  • Plan operation and funding reviews

Our employee benefit plan team has experience with profit sharing plans, health and welfare plans, and 401(k) plans. Providing employee benefit plans has quickly become a minimum expectation in attracting and retaining top talent employees. By establishing an employee benefit plan, the business owner has created several opportunities to maximize employee engagement as well as a vehicle for tax minimization planning for the business. Our team expertise includes navigating the complexity of ERISA, DOL and IRS requirements. While our primary service in this area is the benefit plan audit of plans with over 100 people required by the DOL, we also provide consultation to business owners in how to use this very powerful tool in other aspects of the business.

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